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After being sentenced to natural life in prison as a juvenile and violently struggling for years in adult facilities, Elizer fought to turn his life around. Self-education became his vehicle of self-discovery and through it, his life was redeemed. He became a business owner, consultant, educator, IT specialist and motivational speaker. He strives to be impactful and effect change in the world around him. Elizer is the Lead Consultant with the Darris Consulting Group, which aims to inspire hope and spark dialogue centered on the power of individuals to effect change in their world. 

While in prison, Elizer earned his associate’s degree from Inver Hills Community College, thereby becoming the first in his family to complete a college education. Additionally, he became the first person in the history of the Minnesota Department of Corrections to obtain CompTIA A+ certification from within a facility and is currently pursuing a communications degree from Metropolitan State University.  

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