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After being sentenced to natural life in prison as a juvenile and violently struggling for years in adult facilities, Elizer Eugene Darris fought to turn his life around.  Self-education became his vehicle of self-discovery and through it, his life was redeemed. Through studying law and working with his state-appointed counsel he successfully fought to get his life sentence reversed on appeal.  Upon being released Elizer became a business owner, consultant, educator, IT specialist and motivational speaker. For years, he served as a Student-Teacher in the Power of People Leadership Institute under the direction of Shane and Dr. Verna Price, where he developed as a servant, speaker, and activist.  Under Dr. Verna Price, Elizer was chosen to be a Lead Mentor in the Boys of Hope, a program designed to empower young men in high schools across the Twin Cities.  Elizer was selected as a 2017 AALF Josie R. Johnson Leadership Fellow where he studied Community Leadership and Combating Unconscious Bias. In 2017, he served as Field Operations Director for the Nekima Levy-Pounds for Minneapolis Mayor Campaign.  He worked as a Lead Mentor in the Boys of Hope Program. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Appetite for Change, a social justice and food advocacy nonprofit.  Currently, he works as a Field Organizer with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). 

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