Become a Fulfill Liberty's Promise Event Advocate

Become an event advocate

An event advocate is a critical piece in the success of our virtual event. An advocate must have a genuine passion and enthusiasm for not only the mission of the organization but also the event. This base level of support is key to driving energy and excitement leading up to the event, as well as during the event.

As an advocate, you will inspire others to engage and "fill the virtual room" for the event and help spread the word and generate excitement. Share social posts and emails on your personal pages and with personal networks, talking about why you are personally passionate about the mission. The day of the event you will remind people to watch the event and host a Facebook Watch Party in you're able.

There will be a virtual training and materials provided for being an advocate (as well as ACLU swag).

Become an event advocate

Questions? Contact Grace Allen, Philanthropy Associate, at