The ACLU of Minnesota opened a Greater Minnesota Racial Justice Project office in Mankato in 2011.

The mission of this office is to decrease racial disparities and institutional discrimination faced by people of color in south central Minnesota. The Greater Minnesota Racial Justice Project (GMRJP) specifically focuses on discrimination by the government including, in the criminal justice system, in the public school system and in the immigration system. To achieve this mission, the GMRJP coordinates community outreach and advocacy along with legal action to systematically address racial injustices. This office serves all people in south central Minnesota and maintains a special focus on our Latino communities.

The Greater Minnesota Racial Justice Project - South is located at:

709 S Front St.
Mankato, MN 56001


Ian Bratlie, GMRJP Staff Attorney

Julio Zelaya, GMRJP Coordinator

Karla Esqueda, GMRJP Organizer 

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