Drafting legislation and testifying on bills with civil liberties implications is key to ensuring that the government cannot infringe on your rights.


  • Reproductive Freedom 
    We will work with other reproductive freedom partners and stakeholders to ensure that Minnesotans retain the right to abortion.  
  • Voting Rights Restoration
    As we await the Minnesota Supreme Court’s decision in Schroeder v. Simon, we will continue to seek statutory changes to restore the right to vote for people on felony probation or parole who are now living in the community, raising families, and paying taxes. 
  • Legalization of Adult-use Cannabis
    We will continue supporting legalization that properly regulates the sale and use of cannabis, and also addresses the disproportionate impact of the failed War on Drugs on communities of color. In particular, we want to see legislation include strong provisions for record expungement. 
  • Gross Misdemeanor Sentencing Reform
    We are leading an effort to reduce the maximum sentence for a gross misdemeanor in Minnesota by one day in order to prevent arbitrary and disproportionate immigration consequences under federal immigration law.
  • State Civil Rights Claims
    It is currently very difficult to sue government officials, including police, for violations of constitutional rights due to the federal doctrine of qualified immunity. We will support efforts to create a state cause of action to enable Minnesotans to sue individual government officials for violations of their constitutional rights.   


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