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  1. A Letter to Superintendents: Support Students Who Walkout

    March 13, 2018News updateProtect Personal Liberties, Student & Youth Rights
  2. Get Involved: How to support families at the border

    June 20, 2018News update
  3. ACLU calls for investigation into Lake Madison Police Chief's conduct

    September 12, 2018News updateImmigrant Rights
  4. Why is the Smart Justice Campaign Needed?

    September 25, 2018News update
  5. Know your rights at the polls

    October 29, 2018News update
  6. Nobles County's Sheriffs can't detain people for ICE - at least for now

    November 29, 2018News updateImmigrant Rights
  7. ACLU of Minnesota staffers named to new Attorney General’s Advisory Team

    November 20, 2018News update
  8. Honorees protect civil liberties for the disempowered

    November 30, 2018News updateRacial Justice, Criminal Justice
  9. ACLU-MN Leader, Team Named "Attorneys of the Year”

    November 28, 2018News update
  10. ACLU-MN helps offer safe place to resolve warrants

    December 26, 2018News update