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  1. Local Jurisdictions Have No Obligation to Act as Federal Immigrant Enforcement

    March 28, 2017News updateImmigrant Rights, Racial Justice, Police Practices
  2. Metro Transit Needs to Learn From its Mistakes

    May 31, 2017News updateImmigrant Rights, Racial Justice
  3. ACLU calls for investigation into Lake Madison Police Chief's conduct

    September 12, 2018News updateImmigrant Rights
  4. Nobles County's Sheriffs can't detain people for ICE - at least for now

    November 29, 2018News updateImmigrant Rights
  5. Immigrants find perilous new reality in Minnesota

    January 16, 2019News updateImmigrant Rights
  6. ACLU-MN Argues Against Immigrant Detention

    June 27, 2019News updateImmigrant Rights
  7. Court of Appeals Rules for ACLU-MN clients, against Nobles County and DOJ

    September 23, 2019News updateImmigrant Rights
  8. Trump's Anti-Immigration Agenda is Not Just Unconstitutional, It's Inhumane

    June 26, 2017News updateImmigrant Rights
  9. My Family and I Were Detained at Gunpoint and Then Held for Hours at the US-Canada Border. I’m Afraid It Will Happen Again.

    July 12, 2017News updateImmigrant Rights
  10. ICE will not break me, will not keep me from my family

    August 10, 2017News updateImmigrant Rights