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  1. The Coalition to March v. The City of St. Paul

    September 1, 2008CaseProtect Personal Liberties
  2. Middle Snake Tamarac Watershed District v. Stengrim

    July 1, 2008CaseProtect Personal Liberties
  3. League of Women Voters et. al. v. Mark Ritchie

    November 1, 2012CaseVoting Rights
  4. McCaughtry et. al. v. City of Red Wing

    June 1, 2012CasePrivacy & Technology
  5. Beaulieu v. Ludeman (II)

    February 15, 2011CasePrisoner Rights
  6. Beaulieu v. MSOP

    September 1, 2006CasePrisoner Rights
  7. Berg v. DEA

    August 9, 2007CaseRacial Justice
  8. Croud v. Duluth

    October 6, 2008CaseRacial Justice
  9. ACLU-MN & NAACP Minneapolis v. BCA

    February 9, 2016CasePrivacy & Technology, Criminal Justice, Police Practices
  10. Minnesota v. Henderson

    February 27, 2014CasePrivacy & Technology, Protect Personal Liberties, Police Practices


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