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  1. Rodriguez v. Riley

    October 14, 2019CaseImmigrant Rights, Police Practices , Criminal Justice
  2. HF 1971 Reform Forfeiture Process

    March 19, 2019LegislationCriminal Justice
  3. HF 1061/SF 1736 Driver's License Revocation Reform

    February 20, 2020LegislationCriminal Justice
  4. HF 1060/SF 1375 Fines and Fees Reform

    February 19, 2020LegislationCriminal Justice
  5. ACLU-MN asks Sixth District Court to release people from correctional facilities in response to COVID-19

    April 1, 2020Press releaseCriminal Justice
  6. Foster et al. v. Minnesota Department of Corrections et al.

    April 15, 2020CaseCriminal Justice
  7. Black People Five Times More Likely to Get Arrested for Marijuana in Minnesota

    April 20, 2020Press releaseCriminal Justice, Police Practices , Racial Justice
  8. The Legal Rights Center and ACLU of Minnesota Demand Immediate Amendment of the Charges in the Derek Chauvin Criminal Complaint and Appointment of a Special Prosecutor

    May 31, 2020Press releasePolice Practices , Criminal Justice
  9. In the Blink of an Eye, Police Officers Turned This Traffic Stop Into an Unnecessarily Violent Encounter

    June 21, 2017News updateRacial Justice, Police Practices , Criminal Justice
  10. Dakota County Sheriff thought he could ignore Minnesota Constitution and courts. He was wrong.

    October 25, 2017News updateCriminal Justice, Police Practices