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  1. State v. Arndt

    November 1, 2013CasePrivacy & Technology, Police Practices
  2. Jose Lopez Orellana v. Nobles County

    October 14, 2015CaseImmigrant Rights, Police Practices
  3. Meads v. Best Oil Co.

    November 11, 2006CaseRacial Justice
  4. State of Minnesota v. Montgomery

    May 1, 2015CaseProtect Personal Liberties, Racial Justice, Police Practices
  5. Unity Church et al. v. State of Minnesota

    August 4, 2004CaseReligion and Belief
  6. ACLU, et. al. v. Kiffmeyer

    October 27, 2004CaseVoting Rights
  7. Prison Legal News v. Fabian

    May 1, 2005CasePrisoner Rights
  8. In the Matter of the Welfare of: K.L.W.

    November 5, 2006CaseStudent & Youth Rights, Protect Personal Liberties
  9. Honk for Peace Cases

    January 27, 2009Case
  10. R.S. & S.S. v. Minnewaska Area School District, et al.

    March 6, 2012CasePrivacy & Technology, Protect Personal Liberties, Student & Youth Rights