Victory: Minnesota's transgender surgery ban found unconstitutional

Minnesota District Court ruled this week that transgender people on Medical Assistance in Minnesota deserve access to medically necessary services related to gender transition. Since 2005, surgical treatments for gender dysphoria have been excluded from coverage even though equivalent treatments were covered under the federal Medicare program and private insurance plans. In December 2015, the American Civil Liberties Union along with the ACLU of Minnesota filed a lawsuit on behalf of OutFront Minnesota and Evan Thomas, a transgender man, challenging Minnesota's ban on coverage. Read more.

ACLU sees charges against officer who killed philando castile as a positive step

The charges against Officer Jeronimo Yanez are a step in the right direction. It is a relief that the officer responsible for taking Philando Castile’s life will be prosecuted for this crime. Ramsey County Attorney John Choi made it clear that Philando Castile was a victim of unjustified force and did not deserve to die. He had done nothing wrong, nothing to merit being shot to death. Read more.

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