The U.S. Supreme Court issued a shameful ruling on Friday, June 24, 2022 overturning Roe v. Wade — the landmark decision recognizing the constitutional right to abortion nearly 50 years ago. Today’s ruling will allow anti-abortion politicians to ban abortion in states across the country, which will force countless people to remain pregnant and give birth against their will. The ruling in this case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, will set off a chain reaction with states banning abortion and criminalizing essential health care throughout entire regions of the country.  

In Minnesota, abortion remains legal. Abortion access is protected under our state Constitution as an important privacy right under the Doe v. Gomez case. But there are numerous restrictions, and the right remains vulnerable. 

FAQs about the Supreme Court's shameful decision

The decision on when - and whether - to give birth belongs to individuals, not the government.

Do you need an abortion or financial assistance?

Since its inception in 1920, the ACLU has recognized that personal privacy and reproductive freedom are among our most important constitutional liberties. This includes the right to choose to have an abortion as well as the right to access contraception. The ACLU was the first national organization to argue for abortion rights in the U.S. Supreme Court, and has been the principal defender of those rights since 1973, when the Court recognized the right to choose in Roe v. Wade. The ACLU of Minnesota has a long, strong history of protecting a person's right to make personal and intimate decisions about their own bodies. Through litigation, advocacy, community engagement, and public education, the ACLU of Minnesota aims to protect access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care and opposes efforts to erode these rights with government-imposed restrictions.

We also recognize the disproportionate impact that restrictions on reproductive freedom have had on communities of color, people in rural areas, and people struggling to get by. We strive to ensure that all people, regardless of their gender identity, race, income, or citizenship status have access to comprehensive reproductive health care, free from government interference. 

Watch the Day-after Decision Debrief

ACLU-MN's Legal Director Teresa Nelson joined Gender Justice to explain the Dobbs decision LIVE. Catch their insights about the opinions issued in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the implications for reproductive rights and more.

Our Future: March for Abortion Access

Join us to demand that Minnesota be a leader in securing reproductive freedom for all! Join UnRestrict Minnesota, the ACLU-MN and other partners for a day of action. The march is Sunday, July 17 at 11 a.m. in St. Paul.

Watch here for more details to come.