Prohibits funding for abortion for low-income women on state-funded medical assistance

  • Discriminates against low-income women
  • Endangers health of women
  • MN constitutional guarantees right to use medical assistance for abortion
  • Poses undue burden on constitutional rights of women to seek abortion
  • Denies right-to-privacy and choice between doctor and patient
  • Legislates women's healthcare
  • As Minnesota funds pregnancy care it should also fund abortion care
  • Bill such as these have been shown not to decrease abortion but to encourage later term abortions and less safe abortions

Bill Links: HF 809 / SF 702

Passed House and Senate
Vetoed by Gov. Dayton


HF 809: Franson, Daudt, Peppin, Theis, Pelowski, Zerwas, Dettmer, Smith, Christensen, O'Driscoll, Drazkowski, Hamilton, Dean, M., Miller, Davids, Nash, Hertaus, Petersburg, Johnson, B., Murphy, M., Schomacker, Bennett, Marquart, Gruenhagen, Cornish, Urdah


Vetoed by governor

Bill number

HF 809 / SF 702