Minnesota law ensures that abortion is legal for all people. Know your rights when accessing abortion care in Minnesota:  

In Minnesota, you have the fundamental right to make decisions about your reproductive health care. In 2023, state legislators passed the PRO Act, which established the fundamental right of Minnesotans to make individual decisions about reproductive health care, including contraception, abortion, and pregnancy.  

You have this right regardless of gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, class, immigration status, race, ethnicity, language ability, or disability status. You also have this right even if you are in state custody or control including in jail, prison or under DCFS custody. 

You have the right to keep your abortion confidential. 

Lawmakers require the doctor to report information to the state about the abortion, but not identifying information like your name or address.  

State law does not restrict insurance companies from covering abortions, nor does it require coverage. 

Coverage varies by policy.  Women eligible for state Medical Assistance can get coverage in cases of rape, incest, to preserve the life of the mother, and for health/therapeutic reasons. Some clinics and organizations provide financial help.  

Over the years, the Legislature had created several obstacles to abortion. On July 11, 2022, a judge struck down most of those restrictions as unconstitutional. Minnesota no longer has:  

  • A 24-hour waiting period. 
  • A required extra, medically unnecessary doctor's appointment.  
  • A requirement for doctors to provide patients medically irrelevant information designed to discourage abortion.  
  • A prohibition on advanced providers such as physician assistants from providing abortion care.  
  • A requirement for doctors to provide information about a man’s obligation to pay child support.  
  • A requirement for minors to notify both parents – regardless of the relationship between parent and child – before getting an abortion. 

To be on the safe side, lawmakers also took several of these outdated and unconstitutional laws off the books during the 2023 Minnesota legislative session to prevent their future use by anti-abortion lawmakers or judges. The ACLU of Minnesota helped push to make these changes to protect reproductive freedom.  

Medical providers and hospitals are not required to offer abortions. 

Currently there are nine abortion providers in Minnesota. This includes Just the Pill, an organization that provides online appointments and provides birth control and abortion pills via the mail. The other providers are: 

  • Planned Parenthood — Brooklyn Park Health Center 
  • Planned Parenthood — St. Paul Health Center — Vandalia  
  • Planned Parenthood — Minneapolis Health Center  
  • Planned Parenthood — Rochester Health Center  
  • Red River Women’s Clinic — Moorhead 
  • Robbinsdale Clinic P.A. — Robbinsdale  
  • WE Health Clinic — Duluth  
  • Whole Woman’s Health of the Twin Cities — Bloomington  

You will not be forced to pay for and view an ultrasound, unlike in some other states. 

Be skeptical of “crisis pregnancy centers” 

These organizations claim to offer comprehensive family planning services but do not share information about abortion. These “pregnancy care centers” give misleading information to try to prevent you from having an abortion. If you feel you are being lied to or coerced, you are entitled to leave a clinic or center at any time. The only abortion providers in Minnesota are listed above.