Requires facilities that perform 10 or more abortions per month to have special license (except hospitals or outpatient surgical centers).  Any facility that performs abortion without appropriate licensure can be shut down via court injunction.  Subjects clinics to random inspections.

  • Unconstitutional restriction on women's rights to abortion access
  • Effectively requires women's clinics that perform abortions to become license at the level of a surgical center
  • Endangers women's health by making it harder for clinics who perform abortions in addition to general health services to exist
  • Similar laws in other states have led to closing of women's health clinics, further limiting women's access to healthcare

Bill Links: HF 812 / SF 704 

Passed House and Senate;
Vetoed by Gov. Dayton


HF 812: Kiel, Daudt, Peppin, Murphy, M., Scott, Baker, Pugh, Dettmer, Smith, Whelan, Green, Howe, Vogel, Lucero, Rarick, Swedzinski, Nornes, Heintzeman, Garofalo, Albright, Dean, M., Loonan, Backer, Lohmer, Haley, Anderson, S., Schomacker, Marquart, McDon


Vetoed by governor

Bill number

HF 812 / SF 704