Approved and Adopted April 22, 2023

Purpose: To outline guidelines to assist existing and prospective board members in understanding the ACLU-MN’s expectations for board service.

These guidelines will be periodically reviewed by the Governance Committee and used by the Committee in recruiting new members to recommend to the full Board, making recommendations to the full Board regarding reelection of Board members, and encouraging the participation of existing Board members. The Committee will consider input from the full Board in its periodic review of these Guidelines. Note that the Bylaws require full board action to elect any new or remove any existing Board member.

These guidelines will be accessible to all Board members and housed in Board Effect in the Resources folder.

Board and Committee meetings

  • Attend scheduled board meetings. Documents relevant to the agenda are made available for board member review prior to meetings. 
  • Members are generally expected to serve on one committee. Committee assignments and leadership possibilities are explored in conversation with board leadership. 
  • Board Members are invited to participate in orientations, retreats, and training sessions. Such events are crucial to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment at the ACLU.

Stewardship Give/Get

  • Members are asked to make an annual contribution to the ACLU. Contributions can be financial or volunteer, depending on individual board member capacities. 
  • Members are asked to attend at least one fundraising event annually.
  • Board members often play an important role in enhancing the ACLU’s public profile through philanthropic work such as the raising of funds or inviting potential donors to ACLU events + introducing them to staff.

Be Informed

  • Members should familiarize themselves with the ACLU’s strategic plan, as well as its goals and initiatives.
  • Members should also learn about the basic financials, programs, and services offered by the organization.

Be Engaged

  • The ACLU values and benefits from the diversity of opinions and expertise board members bring to the organization. Board members’ robust and sustained engagement is therefore essential to the organization’s growth.
  •  Members must maintain membership in the ACLU of MN.