Concerned Minnesotans alerted us to a recent partnership between Kandiyohi County Housing and Redevelopment Authority and Willmar Police Department related to K-9 training.

We received a copy of the attached photo of a sign posted at Lakeview Apartments in Willmar alerting residents that the HRA has, without the consent of residents or their guests, granted WPD permission to use Lakeview as training grounds for K-9 officers and their dogs. WPD intends to utilize for K-9 training the Lakeview grounds, including interior common areas, stairways, hallways and vacant apartments during the day and evening hours, seven days a week, for an unspecified duration.

Such a scheme would essentially forcefully convert the homes and living spaces of all of the Lakeview residents into a de facto police state. As such, we believe that the HRA-WPD partnership raises serious legal and public policy concerns. Pursuant to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minn. Stat. Chapter 13, the ACLU-MN requests that the City of Willmar and the HRA provide us with any and all data related to the HRA-WPD partnership as it relates to K-9 training at Lakeview.

(Read our full letter to Willmar City officials below.)

Date filed

May 14, 2021