The ACLU is fighting against an attempt to remove same day voter registration

Case Description 

The ACLU-MN filed a brief in the Minnesota Voter's Alliance case that argues against attempts to get rid of same-day voter registration in Minnesota. 

Voting is more than a civic duty, it's a vital part of a democratic society. Voting laws or practices that thwart an individual's ability to vote to weaken our democracy. Active barring of same day voter registration in Minnesota would increase voter disenfranchisement in the state. Because this petition fails to provide any significant errors in Minnesota's current voter registration system and falls out of the court's jurisdiction, it only serves to keep citizens out of the election process. Instead, ACLU-MN supports expanding voting rights to as many eligible voters as possible. 


William Z. Pentelovitch & Judah A. Druck of Maslon

Date filed

July 15, 2016