Sherburne County Jail makes millions holding immigrants for ICE. The conditions are inhumane: The food is inedible, no in-person visits with family are allowed, and detainees can’t go outside. The jail is using solitary confinement (which they like to call “special housing”) for punishing the most minor of offenses, even for people with mental health issues – and this is not the first time the jail has faced these accusations.

Please help send the message that no one should be treated like this. Call Sheriff Joel Brott at 763-765-3500 and County Commissioner Tim Dolan at 763-331-1923 and ask them to end the use of solitary at Sherburne County Jail.

Not sure what to say on the call? No worries! Just read this script:

"Hi, my name is [Your Name]. I am calling because I'm concerned about the use of "special housing" at the Sherburne County Jail. I'm calling to demand the release of immigrants currently being held in special housing, that the jail stop using special housing, and that the jail audit its practices and procedures. People have the right to be treated humanely and to appeal their confinement."