POSTME Community Feedback Session

January 26, 2021 @ 6:00 pm
@ 7:30 pm

We have an opportunity to effectively ban facial recognition technology in Minneapolis. Will you join the effort to put an end to this racist, invasive law enforcement practice?

Attend this virtual community feedback session to learn more about facial recognition technology and offer your feedback to Minneapolis Ward 3 Council Member Steve Fletcher.

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Law enforcement uses facial recognition technology in two main ways: to identify subjects in photos and videos, and to conduct surveillance dragnets of entire neighborhoods. These tactics allow the automated and often indiscriminate live surveillance of people as they go about their daily lives – an almost unthinkable incursion into our privacy.

Other aspects of facial recognition technology are even more sinister. As Mr. Williams’ story shows, the technology is demonstrably inaccurate and can lead to false arrests. Black and Brown people are most vulnerable to this danger: Facial recognition has an error rate of 0.8% for light-skinned men and an error rate as high as 34.7% for dark-skinned women.

Even worse, law enforcement has historically used facial recognition technology specifically to target vulnerable groups like immigrants and refugees.

In response to these concerns, the Minneapolis City Council is considering a resolution that would give the people control over the technologies that are used to police our communities. The ordinance would promote transparency, oversight, accountability and equity by creating a legal framework for acquiring new surveillance technologies and using existing ones.

Join us at 6 p.m. CT on January 26 to be a part of the growing movement to ban facial recognition and increase community oversight of surveillance technology.

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