From a Traffic Ticket to Jail?

February 13, 2020 @ 5:30 pm

How is it possible for one ticket to snowball into crushing debt, and even jail?

Join the ACLU of Minnesota and Minneapolis NAACP for a town hall discussion that will address our two-tiered, wealth-based justice system.

Currently in Minnesota, lower income drivers are disproportionately harmed by excessive fines and fees, which can result in driver's license suspensions for those who are unable to pay. Losing a license makes it harder to get to work, which can lead to the loss of a job and even jail time.

Excessive fines and fees, along with related license suspensions, create a wealth-based system of justice where rich and poor people with otherwise identical records receive different punishments solely because of their ability to pay.

It's punitive public policy, and we need to come together to fight it.

This event will include a community-led conversation with a panel of subject matter experts who have been directly impacted by wealth-based injustice and who are directly involved in ending it. Local and state elected officials will be invited to listen and learn from community members who have spent thousands of dollars trying to get out from under unnecessary fines and fees. We will also explore current proposed legislation that addresses some issues, and people can propose next steps.

The Town Hall will take place on Thursday, Feb 13th at UROC (2001 Plymouth Ave N, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411) from 6PM-8PM. 

No advance registration is required. The event is free and open to all. Catering will be provided by Appetite for Change.