House Party Volunteer Host

Location: Anywhere in the state
What: Coordinate and host a House Party to benefit the ACLU of Minnesota.

Key skills:

  • Independence – Hosts have complete control over the planning of their party. Hosts should feel excited to take ownership of the event and work independently to make it a success.
  • Enthusiasm– Be friendly, social, welcoming, and passionate about the mission of the ACLU.
  • Organization – Ability to plan an event from start to finish.

Volunteer Position Description: A house party is a social event and a fundraising event. As a host, your goal is to plan a fun event to educate people about the work of the ACLU in Minnesota, and to encourage people to donate toward our mission. Hosts are responsible for planning the party, hosting the party, and collecting and sending donations from the event. We encourage splitting the work of the party with a co-host.

Hosts are valuable ambassadors of the ACLU of Minnesota to the broader community. Hosts help bring knowledge of the ACLU to communities across the state, educate Minnesotans about their rights, and collect donations that support our work.

Schedule: Anytime

To Be a Host:  

  1. Read our House Party Cheat Sheet for more directions and information about being a host
  2. Request materials (ACLU of Minnesota brochures, pens, buttons and Know Your Rights cards).
  3. Reach out to Grace Allen, Philanthropy Assistant,, with any questions.