Limits the use of money bail for misdemeanors.

  • Requires releasing defendents on their own recognizance or an unsecured bond unless otherwise provided by law, or when the court determines release will endanger public safety or won't assure the defendant's appearance in court. In such cases, the court must impose the least restrictive release conditions possible.
  • The court cannot impose a financial condition of release that means the defendant is stuck in jail.
  • If a defendant is in jail for more than 48 hours after the court imposes a financial condition, the court must review the case.



Noor ; Long ; Tabke ; Moran ; Cantrell ; Hornstein ; Wolgamott ; Vang ; Richardson ; Hassan ; Gomez ; Lippert ; Mahoney ; Huot ; Dehn




91st Legislature (2019 - 2020)

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