Would require photo IDs to register to vote and to vote, create a voter identification card and establish provisional ballots, making it more difficult for students, older people, and BIPOC people to vote.

The bill would end election-day registration for people using tribal IDs, student IDs and those who bring someone to vouch for where they live. Employees of residential facilities such as nursing homes, homeless or domestic violence shelters, homes for people with developmental disabilities and veterans' homes could no longer vouch for residents. To vote absentee, people would need to provide ID to a witness, who would then have to not only sign the ballot envelope (waived in 2020 due to COVID-related court settlements), but also to view the unmarked ballot and the filling out of the ballot.  



Newman, Kiffmeyer, Gazelka, Johnson, Draheim


92nd Legislature (2021-2022)

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