Drafting legislation and testifying on bills with civil liberties implications is key to ensuring that the government cannot infringe on your rights. Here are the issues we're watching the closest:


Filter Legislation

HF 1060 Fines and Fees Reform

Authorizes reducing or waiving criminal and traffic surcharges, which can quickly escalate for people and further increase disparities in our criminal justice system. 

February 15, 2019 Criminal Justice

HF 1197 Email and Text Privacy

Law enforcement can't compel a service provider to give access to an electronic device like a cell phone, or information on it, without a warrant, wiretap or consent of the device's owner. There are exceptions for things like emergencies.

February 15, 2019

HF 136 Net Neutrality

Prevents an Internet Service Provider from blocking or slowing lawful web content, or prioritizing content for pay; and prevents the state and municipalities from doing business with an ISP that violates this net neutrality.



February 12, 2019 Privacy & Technology

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