The ACLU of Minnesota, alongside leaders from Black Visions Collective and Reclaim the Block, is calling on leaders to stop funneling nearly $200 million of our city’s resources into racist over-policing, and instead reinvest that money into our communities. That way, we can give everyone access to services such as violence prevention, housing, mental healthcare, and other resources that reduce crime and resolve conflict without violence, regardless of what neighborhood they live in.

We're closer than ever to realizing this vision, but right now we need action from the Minneapolis Charter Commission. On August 5, the Commission will vote on an amendment to the city charter. This amendment, which has already been approved unanimously by the City Council, would make it possible for the city to finally start shifting significant resources away from policing and into services that allow our communities to thrive.

If the Charter Commission doesn’t vote on August 5 to approve the amendment, voters might not get to weigh in on these desperately needed changes to public safety in our city.

The future of public safety in Minneapolis should be decided by the people. Take action today to make sure that the Charter Commission leaves this decision in our hands.

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"My name is [Name], and I am a resident of Minneapolis and a volunteer with the ACLU of Minnesota. I support divestment from police and reinvestment in our communities, and I am calling on the Charter Commission to let the people vote on the charter amendment. Over-policing and police violence have destroyed Black, brown and Indigenous communities while failing to keep us safe. The charter amendment is our best chance to build stronger, safer communities for everyone in Minneapolis.

Voters like me should have a role in determining the future of public safety in our city, because we know best what will allow all our neighborhoods to really thrive. Please pass the charter amendment along to voters, and respect our democratic right to decide the future of our city."

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