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St. Paul, Minn – The American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota joins the call in demanding accountability and transparency in the shooting of Jamar Clark by Minneapolis Police Department in the early morning of Nov. 15. 2015.

The following statement can be attributed to Charles Samuelson, Executive Director of the ACLU-MN

The ACLU-MN joins the NAACP Minneapolis and Black Lives Matter Minneapolis to demand transparency in the investigation of the shooting of Jamar Clark. So far in 2015, 998 people have been killed by the police, 11 in Minnesota. As has been proven time and time again, Blacks are far more likely to be shot by law enforcement. The time has come to address this issue as this is not a Black issue, it is an American issue. The first step in interrupting this cycle must be urgent reforms in how police and communities interact. We must acknowledge the tragedy of Jamar Clark's death, and the death of others. Over time, the daily injustices, the repeated instances of police brutality, the dehumanizing and unconstitutional treatment of poor and minority people has degraded the American community to a level that is unconscionable.

The ACLU-MN is asking for full transparency and accountability moving forward. Including but not limited to a release of the video, naming of the officers involved, and the launch of a full DOJ investigation.

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