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Media contact: Lynette Kalsnes,, 612-270-8531 

April 17, 2021

UPDATED: The ACLU-MN sent a letter and declarations to the judge Saturday detailing State Patrol harassment and targeting of journalists last night. Read the details below:

A federal judge on Friday ordered Minnesota State Patrol not to attack journalists, use chemical agents, seize gear, or otherwise hamper reporting. Yet from media reports, it’s clear that the Minnesota State Patrol needs to do better. Last night, they did everything the court ordered them not to, including macing reporters and injuring them. Footage from numerous outlets shows troopers corralling reporters, and forcing them to show identification and submit to photographs of their faces before they could leave. 

The ACLU of Minnesota is disgusted that the State Patrol took these actions against journalists even though a court order explicitly ordered them not to. Freedom of the press is one of our most foundational principles as a democracy. The press must be free to observe, record and document the protests over Daunte Wright and the upcoming Derek Chauvin verdict to hold police and our government accountable. The ACLU-MN is considering our options. We will continue to fight to ensure our Constitution is upheld. 

The federal judge granted the ACLU-MN the temporary restraining order against mistreatment of the press Friday evening. Find details and the court order here: