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April 1, 2020

The ACLU of Minnesota understands the need to emphasize the seriousness of the Governor’s Stay-at-Home Order. However, we have concerns that use of this hotline will reflect and potentially amplify racial disparities that already exist in 911 calls, traffic enforcement, and enforcement of low-level violations that often occur in public areas. In addition, someone who sees a large group gathered outside has no way of knowing whether that group is a large extended family or people who share the same household. 

We continue to urge voluntary compliance with the Stay-at-Home Order rather than criminal enforcement.*

Any government actions related to COVID-19 must be taken with full transparency, clarity and accountability. This is even more essential during a time of crisis when increased state involvement in people’s lives becomes necessary to protect public health. The ACLU-MN will continue to monitor these issues as part of our ongoing mission to protect civil liberties during this unprecedented time.

*NOTE: You can find the ACLU-MN's complete March 27 recommendations regarding Executive Order 20-20 at