MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.  -- The ACLU of Minnesota’s Interim Executive Director Ben Feist has this statement about the Question 2 ballot initiative: 

“Regardless of the outcome of today’s vote, residents of Minneapolis have changed the conversation around public safety to build widespread agreement that there’s a serious problem with police abuse of power and violence against those they’re sworn to protect, especially people of color. This election is just the start: The Black- and Brown-led coalition behind the ballot initiative has created a strong, energized, grassroots network of people who will not accept the status quo. 

“The brutal police murder of George Floyd -- following years of reforms that should have prevented his death -- is absolute proof that reforms alone are not enough. Now we must recommit to ending police violence and the racism built into the system. Together, we’ll keep up pressure on our elected officials to ensure that they create a new system, built on citizen input, that’s truly responsive to people’s needs without recreating the evils of over policing and police abuse. That system must include more resources, trained professionals, and preventative services. 

“We owe it to George Floyd and the 1,100 people killed by police each year to keep up pressure on elected officials until all people are truly safe, no matter what they look like, how much they make, or where they live.”