The Minnesota Supreme Court has joined the Hennepin County District Court and the Minnesota Court of Appeals by ruling that Minneapolis' Photo Cop ordinance conflicts with the state law. It conflicts with the state law because it violates the requirement that Minnesota traffic regulations be uniform; and it reduces the state's burden of proof in prosecuting red light violations.

This decision sends clear message to Minnesota Cities that under current state law cameras cannot be used to enforce traffic laws; and that cities cannot violate due process with their traffic laws. This decision preserves the presumption of innocence and the requirement that government prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a driver ---- and not merely that person's vehicle --- committed a traffic offense.

If you recieved a photo cop ticket and would like to reopen the case you can visit the court's website and fill out a form to reopen your case.

Howard Bass, of Bass and Peck, LLC successfully represented Daniel Alan Kuhlman on behalf of the ACLU-MN in this case. The full court opinion is available here.