The ACLU of Minnesota is asking residents of Saint Paul to join us in opposing proposed Ordinance 21-6, which seeks to prohibit possession of certain items at parades, races and public assemblies. 

This proposed ordinance is unnecessary, overly broad, and dangerous for Black, Brown and Indigenous communities who are already disproportionately harmed by criminalization, over-policing and police harassment. 


Call your Saint Paul City Council Member today and tell them to respect the people's right to protest by voting against proposed Ordinance 21-6.

Please join us in calling or writing to your St. Paul City Council members:

Ward 1 - Dai Thao, 651-266-8610,

Ward 2 - Rebecca Noecker, 651-266-8620,

Ward 3 - Chris Tolbert, 651-266-8630,

Ward 4 - Mitra Jalali, 651-266-8640,

Ward 5 - Amy Brendmoen, 651-266-8650,

Ward 6 - Nelsie Yang, 651-266-8660,

Ward 7 - Jane Prince, 651-266-8670,

Don’t know who represents you? Look here.


Not Sure What to Say? Use Our Script

We encourage everyone to share personal experiences and perspectives with their coucil members to help explain why proposed Ordinance 21-6 is a bad idea for Saint Paul. If you need any ideas, you can borrow from (or even copy and paste!) our message below:

Dear [Coucil Member Name],

My name is [Your Name], and I am a resident of [Your Ward #]. Proposed Ordinance 21-6 is overly broad, unnecessary and especially dangerous for Black, Brown and Indigenous communities who are already disproportionately harmed by criminalization, over-policing and police harassment. I urge you to vote against it.

The City of Saint Paul may have written the ordinance with the intent to prevent potential violence and property damage during protests and demonstrations, but the ordinance is unnecessary. The city does not lack laws giving them the authority to shut down violent or dangerous situations; law enforcement has plenty of tools at their disposal already. Plus, by lowering the threshold for the size of a crowd from more than 25 people to 5, the ordinance will place onerous restrictions on many public gatherings that pose zero threat to traffic or public safety.

I'm opposed to the proposed ordinance and urge you to vote against proposed Ordinance 21-6. Thank you.