Justice for George Floyd & Daunte Wright

The murders of George Floyd and Daunte Wright by law enforcement is a tragedy that continues a long pattern of police violence against Black people in the Twin Cities. Healing will be long and difficult, and it must end with a total re-imagining of public safety in our communities.

Protesting for justice? Make sure you know your rights.


Reimagining the Role of Police

Over the last week, ACLU staff across the country have worked as legal observers; educated protesters about their rights; been arrested, tear-gassed and hit with rubber bullets; challenged curfews; organized town halls; talked to victims of police abuse; donated money to

June 5, 2020

Future of Policing: Frequently Asked Questions

We're finding new ways to listen to your questions and get you the expert information you need. This FAQ page gathers your most frequently asked questions and provides detailed responses from our attorneys, organizers, legislative team, and others.

May 5, 2020

Video: Future of Policing Virtual Roundtable

In the wake of nationwide protests in response to the police killing of George Floyd, many people are hearing the phrase “defund the police” for the first time. Watch us to break down the data, debunk the myths, and imagine real alternatives to our racist, militarized system of modern policing.

June 11, 2020