Would allow municipalities to sue protesters for any costs associated with a protest that was found to be unlawful.  Also could apply to anyone present at the event, including bystanders and journalists

  • Chills dissent
  • Attempt to silence Black Lives Matter movement
  • Suppresses first amendment right to free speech
  • Allows police to discriminate between protesters, which to hold accountable
  • Laws already exist to protect municipalities from unlawful protest

Bill Links: HF 322 / SF 679

HF 322 Passed Civil Law Committee, Referred to Public Safety Commitee
SF 679 Introduced and referred to Judiciary Commitee


HF 322: Zerwas, Cornish, Bahr, C., Fabian, Daudt, Baker, Nash, Drazkowski, McDonald, Pugh, O'Neill, Johnson, B., Uglem, Runbeck, Lohmer, Howe, Miller, Theis, Franson, Rarick, Dettmer, Dean, M., Lucero, Nornes, Loonan, Whelan, Grossell, Newberger



Bill number

HF 322 / SF 679