Allows tax credits to individuals and corporations who donate to organizations that provide scholarships for private schools    

  • First step in instituting a voucher system in Minnesota
  • Transfers state funds (fund otherwise paid to the state) to private schools

Bill Links: HF 386 / SF 256

Included in HF 4 Ominbus Tax Bill [Sec. 34 290.0693], veteoed by Gov. Dayton;
HF 386SF 256 Returned to Taxes Committee for possible consideration in 2018


HF 386: Kresha, Daudt, Peppin, Loon, Erickson, Fenton, O'Driscoll, Zerwas, Torkelson, Cornish, Anderson, S., Dean, M., Christensen, Peterson, Schomacker, Nash, Knoblach, Heintzeman, Koznick, Jurgens, Theis, Howe, Dettmer, Rarick, McDonald, Grossell, Smith



Bill number

HF 386 / SF 256



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